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Great things are happening in Huntington Beach! 

HB Recognized as a Place With Excellent Return on Investment for Homeowners

Huntington Beach was recently nationally recognized by LendEDU for providing homeowners with an excellent return on investment when they purchase their home with a mortgage.

After analyzing data for over 25,000 U.S. cities, LendEDU ranked each city according to its Home Value-Investment Indicator (HVII). HVII is an original scoring method created specifically for homeowners with a mortgage and is meant to replicate return on investment.  

Specifically, Huntington Beach had a median home value of $712,129 and a median monthly home cost of $2,706 to produce an HVII of 263.19.

This high HVII ranked Huntington Beach #29 in the entire country and #25 in California.

The places recognized in this report, like Huntington Beach, give homeowners the most financial leverage due to their high home values relative to their low homeownership costs and would be great landing spots for any future homeowner.

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