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Great things are happening in Huntington Beach!

In addition to year-round sunshine and one of the most picturesque coastlines in the State, Huntington Beach also plays host to a broad and successful range of industries, among them tourism, industrial/manufacturing, professional office and healthcare.  As identified in our current Economic Development Strategy, the City is has high potential in technology manufacturing and technology services, and enjoys a robust retail environment, which includes everything from small, family-operated businesses, to national big box retailers, new and used automobile sales, and more.  

The wealth of information on our website includes helpful set of business industry data and maps which identify everything from the types of businesses in Huntington Beach, to the number of employees in a particular industry, and even the estimated revenue by industry.  Check our community profile and local data maps for other insightful information, including labor market data, retail potential and more. 

Business Improvement Districts

Huntington Beach plays host to three business improvement districts, which serve as revitalization and economic development tools for two key industry sectors - new automobile dealers and tourism -  and our most well-known commercial business district, Downtown Huntington Beach.