Filming FAQs

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Film Permitting Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon should I submit my application before my production date?

    You should submit your application as soon as possible.  Please submit your Film Permit applications 10 working days before your desired filming date. An expedited fee can be paid for a 3-5 working day review.
  • I'm filming on private property. Do I need a permit?

    Yes.  Permits and Location Agreements are required when filming will be taking place on private property. Agreements must specify the date of filming, the location, and contact information for the Property Owner/Tenant. Location Agreements must also contain proof that neighboring businesses/homeowners have been notified. Feel free to use this handy template to develop your own Location Agreement for your production. 
  • Are there certain days that are better than others?

    From Memorial Day through Labor Day filming at the beach on the weekend is limited and on some weekends prohibited as this is the busiest time of year for the City. During the month of July, filming on the beach is severely limited.
  • What kind of special conditions should I be aware of?

    While this is not an exhaustive list, here are things that we look for:

    1. Are you filming something that could be perceived to be a safety concern to an unaware bystander? If so, the Police Department will need to be on site.
    2. If you are filming in or on the water, Marine Safety Officers will need to be present at all times.
    3. Do you want to block off a street? Please contact the Office of Business Development (714) 536-5547 or (714) 536-5582 so coordination can be made with Public Works. Fees will be determined on a case by case basis.
    4. If you need reserved parking please indicate so in your application. Spaces will be reserved depending on availability and payment of reservation charge.